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To begin, you will need to provide required information that will assist us in locating your DNR Customer account. If this is your first time visiting this site or you do not know your DNR Customer Number, Wisconsin state law requires that you provide your Social Security Number.

A nonresident can set up a customer account using their SSN and DOB. A resident can set up an account using their drivers license, SSN and DOB. If you are a resident and do not have a drivers license, you will need to visit an agent location to provide proof of residency. Nonresident aliens who are not U.S. citizens can create a DNR customer record by providing their Visa or Passport # in lieu of a SSN.

State and Federal law allow customers who are U.S. citizens, but do not have a SSN, to submit a sworn affidavit in lieu of a SSN. Affidavit forms are available at DNR Service Centers.

Do you meet the definition of a resident of Wisconsin?